Hello readers!
I wanted to start off the new year with some blogs about me and my music!  First off, I have my 2nd Doctoral recital coming up on March 13th at 5:30 at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music.  If you can make it, it will be a great show!  Micah Ringham will be performing “Stop! Look! & Hasten!” – 5 Divertimenti for Solo Violin. Susanne Mentzer and Brian Connelly will performing “New Mexico Fragments”.  Also, “Vanishing Points” – Six Aural Paintings for Horn and Piano will be premiered by Katharine Caliendo and Ben Krause.

Also, If you want to know more about Stop! Look! & Hasten!, SoJin Kim will be doing a lecture recital at 5:30 on February 8, at Shepherd School of Music.

drop me a line if you ever want to chat or have questions about my music!



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